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Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurvedic medicine is the ancient system of medicine from India which is called as “science of life”.It is the most holistic and comprehensive medicine available. It is said that the sages received the training of Ayurveda through direct cognition during meditation. That is, the knowledge of the use of the various methods of healing, prevention, longevity, and surgery came through divine revelation.

In Ayurveda, the medicines that are employed in the management of various diseases and for rejuvenation purpose include vegetables, animal and mineral origin products. But polyherbal combinations outnumber the other preparations using mineral and metallic preparations. Currently, more than 600 herbal formulas and 250 single plant drugs are used in Ayurveda practice. Ayurveda does not rule out any substances being used as a potential source of medicine. It prescribes the medicine to balance the vitiated Doshas (body humors) along with certain modifications in lifestyle and diet regimens.

Ayurvedic formulations are in the form of liquids, tablets, powders, ghee, oils, jams etc.. The dosage, route of administration, and time of administration, the adjuvents used solely depends on the nature and type of Doshic imbalance. Ancient text books of Ayurveda explain different manufacturing processes of various herbal formulations. Herbal formulations used in Ayurveda are highly effective in acute and chronic complicated ailments assuring long term relief and has no side effects.

Ayurveda is an ancient medical system from India having its origin in the Vedas. This science of life and longevity is strongly influenced by Samkhya philosophy. The science of Ayurveda considers the human body and nature are composed of five basic elements namely, Panchamahabhutas (Prithvi=earth element; Aap=water element; Teja=fire element; Vaayu=air element; Akasha=eather element). So Ayurveda considers all the substances like herbs, minerals, animal products, marine originates as medicines when used appropriately. Ayurveda strongly believes there is nothing in this universe, which is non-medical, which cannot be made use of for many purposes and by many modes.

The principles of drug action are understood using the certain attributes /principles such as rasa (taste), guna (properties), virya (potency), vipaka (post digestion effect), prabhava (specific property), karma (action). The Ayurveda the drugs are of three categories: some alleviate Doshas (the humors), some vitiate dhatus (the body tissues), and some are good for the maintenance of positive health. There are more than 600 herbal formulations and 250 single plant drugs used in ayurvedic treatments.

Ayurveda explains about five fundamental formulations (Panchavidha Kashaya Kalpana). They are swarasa (fresh juice), Kalka (pounded fresh drug), kwatha (decoction), phanta (hot infusion), Hima (cold infusion). Secondary formulations are numerous which are prepared based on fundamental formulations. They are in the form of:

  • Choorna (powders) example: Sitopaladi Choornam
  • Vatakam and Ghana (tablets) Example: Dhanvanthari vati
  • Satva (Extract ) Example: Amrita Satva
  • Kshara (Alkali) Example: Apamarga Kshara
  • Lavana (herbal salts) Example: Narikela Lavana
  • Ghrita (Ghee) Example: Sukumara Ghritam
  • Taila (Oils) Example: Bala Tailam
  • Asava and arishtam Example: Dashamoolarishtam

Vaidyas at Ayurveda Sanctuary prepare the medicines which are formulated according to the doshic status of an individual. They conduct a detailed 8 folds of examination (Ashtavidha Pareeksha) namely, Nadi (Pulse), Mootra (Urine), Mala (Stool), jihva (Tongue), Shabda (Speech), Sparsha (Touch), Druk (Vision), Aakruti (Appearance) before deciding the medicine for internal and external administration. The usage of polyherbal formulations as well as single herbs decided after careful consideration of the Doshas and variation in disease manifestation.

The Vaidyas of Ayurveda Sanctuary are well versed in the name, form and properties of herbs and herbal formulations and also the principles of governing the application of of single drugs as well as polyherbal formulations. A suitable diet regimen is planned accordingly. Because of which they address various health issues very successfully.

The Ayurveda Sanctuary offers an array of authentic Ayurveda Wellness experiences in a lush green indigenous setting


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