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AyurvedaEveryone at Ayurveda sanctuary was very kind and understanding. Great location. I travelled with a young kid and was looking for clean and homely place. This place really turned out to be the right choice. Much different than the usual resorts. Food, ambience and activities ensure that you dont put on those extra kilos during holiday. Also great value for money. Special thanks to the two doctors onboard !
- Siddharth & Padmini, Infosys & GE, Bangalore, India

AyurvedaQuiet and peaceful place, ideal for meditation and introspection, and appreciation of nature.

- Helen Matthews, Switzerland

AyurvedaVERY GOOD AND QUIET PLACE. PERFECT TO RELAX and for the people who love being in nature.

- Samantha Rinaldi, Switzerland

AyurvedaAn Indian Paradise for health and relaxation: Ayurveda Sanctuary is far out in the woods. Wonderful oxygen-saturated air. Woods makes it not too hot. The temperature is very pleasant, 17 - 26 degrees in winter. It is a healthy environment. Free from stress, partly because of the long distance from cars and industries, and partly because it is far from the nearest cell tower. Here you can really live in a healthy way. Coconuts, which belong to the healthiest food you can eat are picked directly from the trees. They also grow bananas, pepper, vanilla, cocoa, papaya and cashews. Dr. Prashanth has a strong sense of food and makes sure you get the best possible food. e.g. pumpkin, pomegranate juice, etc., etc. Some quotes from guests who have been here that I fully agree with: "Everyone was so incredibly friendly." "I wish that everyone I love could experience this magical place." "Fantastic nature trails" "They were genuine concern for my health and wellbeing and tons of individual attention." "All our needs were addressed immediately" "very special time for me having so much quiet time." "Excellent value for money" "This place is amazing, in fact, pictures don't do it justice" I have not participated in yoga teaching, but other guests have appreciated it. A guest writes: "I appreciate the professional training and the instructors' vast knowledge of Ayurveda and yoga." I wish more people should get to enjoy this wonderful place.
- Cecilia Haider, Stockholm, Sweden

Ayurveda"Sanctuary is what we seek, Even the meek. But that's not to say, you are weak. If you come here to rejoice in the peace, Then Ayurveda is your treat in the retreat. Escape into yourself, understand the way. And we bless you and say, Hope you come back some day!"
- Wing Commander Bhatt K J (Retd), Mumbai, India

AyurvedaUsually, places don't look as good as they seem to be on their website/photos and you end up being disappointed, but this place is amazing, in fact, pictures don't do it justice! This is my second visit, I have learned so much and I'll keep coming back. It feels like home to me, everyone is so friendly and helpful. Thank you for the great service, the enlightening courses and the beneficial health care treatments.
- Fatima Al-Mansoori, Bahrain

AyurvedaThis place suddenly popped out on my screen and I took it as the Universe's message. If one wants to experience quality 'me time', then this is the place to be. The entire team starting from the doctors who own and manage this place to the staff are so friendly, they make you feel like being at home away from home. Situated in a very serene surrounding with lots of greenery, waking up to the birds musical notes, one feels so much at peace that makes one rediscover oneself. Though I stayed only for 4 days, I had loads of opportunities to enjoy and feel good about myself. The best part is that this place is not at all commercial and makes every experience, be it the morning yoga, or the excellent simple healthy cuisine,or the massages designed specially for you, or the walks thru the woods, or the evening chanting worth every rupee spent. I found even the lonely duck swimming in the pond very fascinating. I recommend this place highly. If anyone would like to enjoy bliss from the busy lives then, this is the place to go within and discover oneself. I am sure the green and serene atmosphere, the friendly people with smiles would make anyone feel like coming here again and again.
- Meena Nagarajan, Mumbai, India

AyurvedaWe had an opportunity to explore the fantastic nature trails and some really well laid out treatment packages at the ayurvedic sanctuary last week. I was thoroughly impressed with the professionalism of the doctors & the staff. All our needs were addressed immediately and the ayurvedic treatments were the most authentic. The doctors were always available to help us explaining the intricacies of the treatments and answering our queries. The rooms are well appointed with basic necessities and many options for a variety of budgets are available.
- Naveen, WIPRO, Bangalore, India

AyurvedaI was at the Ayurveda Sanctuary for a day in May 2012 with my family - wife and a son. We made reservations to get a feel for "true Ayurvedic living experience" within a short duration and it turned out to be an eye-opener. The experience was overwhelmingly of being one with nature even within civilization! To begin with, the staff extended a very warm welcome and made us feel utmost comfortable. The facilities are very well maintained and all amenities taken care of appropriately. The conversations and discussions with the doctors there left no doubt that this is a professional setup for any kind of stress relief, detoxification and rejuvenation. The home-cooked range of food adequately caters to the palate and certainly well thought out for the particular kind of treatment one may be undergoing. To top it, the place is naturally gorgeous with a vista like none other for those of us who are from an urban background. I would definitely go back and already planning the next visit, certainly a longer stay this time. Time and Money well spent; two-thumbs up!
- Dr. Pradeep, Operations Manager India Systems & Technology Lab, IBM India, INDIA

AyurvedaI'm very happy for having the opportunity to spend these days with such amazing people and also for having more knowledge about Ayurveda. Hope to meet you again. Namaste!

- Renata Sbaraglia : Stayed for 7 days, Brazil

AyurvedaSuch a unique experience! The Cottage was very comfortable and clean. The food was first class and well served. The cook is very good. The staff were always attentive and polite. Finally, I would like to thank you all for your exceptional hospitality and especially for the excursions which I enjoyed very much.
- Gabriel Dobson: Stayed 14 days, Spain

AyurvedaThis has been an excellent experience: all the picture around is a perfect location to be in peace. The Doctors, staff, treatment staff and everybody were kind and helpful. Also I appreciate the professionalism of the Doctors and the treatment staff. Every body in the Ayurveda Sanctuary has a kind smile on the face.
- Luisa Irureta, Santa Cruz de Tenerife: Stayed 14 days, Spain

AyurvedaMy 14 days stay at the Sanctuary improved my well being and gave me a new experience in my life. Full marks for the space, food, kindness, cleanliness, treatments and is an excellent value for money. Will come back again!
- Prakash Singh, TechMahindra,Bangalore: Stayed for 14 days, India

AyurvedaThe experience was more phenomenal than I had hoped for in every aspect. I thoroughly enjoyed the one-on-one sessions with all the doctors. Their passion is very evident in the Sanctuary and is very contagious. Please open more branches with the same excellent features and services.
- Srinidhi Desikamani, Bangalore : Stayed for 7 days, India

AyurvedaThe courses on Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda Lifestyle Management and Ayurveda Psychology were very professional, authentic, very inspirational and extremely enlightening. An experience that will change my life forever. Thank You
- Fatima Al-Mansoori : Stayed for 58 days, Bahrain

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