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AyurvedaIt was above and beyond my expectations. Everyone was so incredibly friendly. I felt more like I had been adopted into someone's family rather than staying at a formal institution. I wish that everyone I love could experience this magical place and these lovely hospitable people. I am grateful for everything you have done for me and hope to one day have the opportunity to repay the hospitality. Thank you again! About Herbology Course: It was truly a magical experience. No better place to learn about plants than when they are growing outside your door. The course was flexible, interactive, professional and fun.
- Jennifer Allen, New York: Stayed for 21 days, United States

AyurvedaI felt very comfortable and cared for here. The personal touches and the warm staff made the experience very positive. There was genuine concern for my health and well being and tons of individual attention. My treatments were good and effective at addressing my health challenges. The food was very good. The soups were amazing. The best part of this experience was the positive energy and compassion, creaing the perfect conditions for growth and healing on a deep level.
- Andrea Negron, California : Stayed for 38 days, United States

AyurvedaI appreciate the professional training experience and the instructors deep knowledge about Ayurveda and Yoga. Helped improve my confidence level and I am extremely happy with the venue, food and learning environment.
- Gopal Reddy, Hyderabad : Stayed for 14 days, India

AyurvedaGetting treated in the hands of nature is a some-what special and unique experience!People (at Home and in the office) are happy to see my new look. Some were curious and enquired about this program.The whole program came up to my expectations, improved my well being and will recommend this to my friends. Thank you.
- Madhav Rao, New Delhi : Stayed for 14 days, India

AyurvedaI appreciate the whole week I could enjoy at the sanctuary. Very special time for me, having so much quiet time to sit, meditate, read and write. The yoga in the morning is great. Enjoyed chanting as well. I had a wonderful experience, that I'll have forever inside of my body and soul. Thank you all for giving the space. The oil and herbal treatments had a great relaxing, calming effect on my body and I am sure enhanced my baby to grow. Wonderful hands and prayers added much value. The whole staff was very kind, helpful and friendly. Lots of love and light. Thank you.
- Nina Henne : Stayed for 7 days, Switzerland

AyurvedaThe program helped me to lose about 7 kilos weight in 4 weeks and I am very happy that I could spend many days in such beautiful place. Contact with wonderful people improved my well being. Ayurveda Sanctuary is the place where we can find ourselves and penetrate to listen to our inner voice. It is ideal place for learning and also for meditation, created with deep Ayurveda knowledge and feeling of the science of life. Will give a 6 out of 6 star rating for all the services including teaching of Ayurveda, kindness of staff, meals and value for money!
- Olga Maria Budasz : Stayed for 31 days, Poland

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